As a comprehensive land service organization, Pride Oil & Gas provides a number of services as well as custom solutions for our clients. Read more about some of our most popular services below.

Primary Services

Lease takeoffs: Our team provides all necessary lease takeoff procedures such as checking for active leases, active well, and/or active units in order to prepare a plat map and report depicting the current leasehold and well status for a piece of land.

Title research: We are able to conduct research at local courthouses to identify current surface and/or mineral ownership of properties. Using this information, we can assist clients looking to acquire leases, create right-of-way agreements, and obtain seismic permits.

Lease acquisitions: The Pride Oil & Gas team is experienced in negotiating and purchasing mineral and surface leases.

R.O.W. acquisitions:  We’ve assisted a number of clients negotiate and purchase right-of-way agreements for pipelines, roads, subsurface servitudes, saltwater disposal wells, and re-entry points.

3D seismic permitting: Pride Oil & Gas has also helped clients secure permits or other options for 3D seismic projects, including full mapping support.

Abstracting: We complete title research, reviewing history from the date of a patent until the present. This research may be used for drill site and division purposes or for locating a rental base abstract.

Title curative: The Pride Oil & Gas experts can “cure” title defects in the chain of a title through the creation of possession statements, affidavits, mortgage subordinations, acts of correction, amendments, and ratifications.

Mineral histories: Our mineral histories service helps clients understand the history of an area through a report and plat map of all historical wells, units, and production on the land.

Due diligence research: Our due diligence research process includes a complete review of all files and the preparation of a report. This research may be used in acquiring properties or pipelines.

Support Services

Data management and map creation: Using our extensive collection of base maps, updated topographic information, aerial photographs, and client-provided data, we can produce “smart” maps that include real-time information about a project. Learn more about our smart map solutions on our technology page.

GIS mapping: Our team takes pride in producing accurate, concise maps using the latest geographic information system (GIS) tools. Our GIS mapping services allow clients to manage properties, analyze the suitability of areas of different purposes, and plan future leasing options.

Expert legal witness testimony: Our team of experts is prepared to provide expert legal witness testimony in land-related legal matters, such as liability disputes, accident reconstruction, and land encroachment disputes.

Site assessments: With more than 50 years of combined experience, the Pride Oil & Gas team has assisted a number of organizations and individuals with accurate and in-depth site assessments. Depending on your goal, we can conduct several different types of assessments to determine the characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of a piece of land. We produce phase 1 environmental reports that provide sound guidance for our clients.

Site damage settlements: Our damage settlement services allow clients to settle damage claims on property, crops, and timber due to construction of pipelines or well sites.

Lease maintenance: We can assist with the administration and maintenance of your lease, overseeing important lease features like extension and rental payments, burdens tracking, special obligation fulfillment, and record keeping.