Pride Oil and Gas Landmen - Technology

The Pride Oil & Gas team understands that technology is critical to success in the land industry, which is why we stay ahead on the latest software and mapping tools. We thoughtfully document and store every piece of data we collect so that we can work efficiently and best serve our clients. Our team is proficient in all common industry software and remains at the forefront of GIS technology.

Our “smart mapping” tools allow us to create interactive, data-rich maps that are customized to relay information relevant to our clients’ goals. Learn more about the services we’re able to provide using our first-in-class technology below.

Smart data management: Pride Oil & Gas has an extensive collection of base maps, updated topographic information, aerial photography. Combined with client-provided data, we’re able to produce custom maps and datasets that can help you make smart business and legal decisions.

Pride Oil and Gas Landmen - Data Management

Smart maps: Using our smart data, we’re able to produce smart maps that include real-time data about a project. An interactive smart map can include information such as leasehold status, tract status, expiration dates, landowner information, gross/net acres, interest parties list, lessor/lessee status, well status, and unit status. Smart maps may be saved as interactive PDFs or Google Earth KMZ files.

Pride Oil and Gas Landmen - Smart Mapping

Smart PDFs: Smart maps may be saved as exported as smart PDFs, which are interactive documents accessible to anyone with a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Smart PDFs can easily be printed and edited.

Pride Oil and Gas Landmen - Smart PDFs

Interactive Google Maps: Our team creates Google KMZ files which include aerial backdrops integrated with parcel databases. Linked parcel data and document images can be viewed through pop-up windows via any internet connection. Pride Oil Google Maps image

Custom solutions: Pride Oil & Gas can assist with almost any land-related legal issue, such as location and liability disputes, accident reconstruction, and land encroachment disputes. We also work with outdoorsmen and private companies to produce land assessments, maps, and recommendations according to their needs.

Pride Oil and Gas Landmen - Custom Solutions